Swofinty founded the practice in 2008 and continue to retain responsibility for its design directions. Swofinty has worked across the ASIA. He learnt the art of design and management while working with some of the best-known designers, including Richard Farnell in SG/KL and John Ding in KL. Working at these companies continued to provide him with a worldwide perspective on design at greater level while cultivating and abreast the nuances and complexities in design.

Swofinty trained at the LimKokWing University with Curtin University and was awarded the scholarship in Interior Architecture. He was a tutor at the University of LimKokWing and has held visiting panel at the University of USCI, the University of Taylors and the University of LimKokWing.

Since inception, Swofinty and the studio have amassed accolades in the way of press, awards, and conferences. To champion and to explore design to its limit, interior architecture as well as learned first and exactly the process of making. Engaging with the essence of a philosophy of space through everything the senses is a defining aspect of Swofinty’s work. ‘It’s all idea’. Swofinty believes in ‘IDEA’, an agent hinged the concept throughout as suggest to evolve in not time. Swofinty's favorite path of space is of "It's an amalgam of the experience and ambiance spectrum" clearly shown the process of thinking as key to a success design.