Plan B
Alternative contemporary vintage; lush desserts and coffee key topic. sited at Bangsar Village.

Design suggest a relationship
A moment equal time enable us to sleep through the idea would offer series of joy to solution. Context as relationship platfrom partly seduction is a reflection of society and environment. Is clear conscience a nessecity or base on experiential strategy?

Think GREEN watelier
Swofinty making GREEN a collaborative effort with TOTO W.Atelier Malaysia www.watelier.com has materlalised emphasize on GREEN products and interior.

For goodness sake, it's a noodle bar
fond for mix contempory Japanese restaurant drop by to bangsar village ll at level 2. swofinty collaborative effort with the client leading the bigger pictures was realized base on forefront thoughts, rather than summarizing the same from day one. the idea of this scheme are merely marriage of both masculine 'for goodness sake' and feminine 'its a noodle bar' introducing single lingual line black board element knot-linked the restaurant. suggestion of material being addressed honestly in its very on form industrial mellow like composition.

Dont pretend & think you can
do not trade yourself. end up for geez or.. .

IPDM message
please be informed that interior designer has been legislated as of april 2007 and all practising interior designers are required to be registered with the association and also with lembaga akitek malaysia. ipdm admin.

Solaris Dutamas ll
everlasting effort. .. 3 more blocks to go.